Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Two Days

Hello all, just wanted to stop in and say hello, the last two days I haven't done anything crafty or to my craftroom. I did get everyting out of the dining room and just put it in my craftroom, now I have to find it a home... I hope to be finished soon... Working and family time has taken over (who thought of work anyway, guess we need to work to buy all our craft supplies LOL...)Well, I have one more day of work then I'm off for two days hopefully I can get somethings finished and have time for a little crafing... I have a couple of projects that I want to finish....

Here is a picture of my dining room back in order.....

Now, here is the mess I have left to organize.... I will have it done in no time.....

This is the rest of my madness, the worst part is over.... Until tomorrow

Goodnight and enjoy your week.

Stay Inspired

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