Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Today is my birthday and I've been out all day and i'm truly tired.. I had a wonderful birthday, could not have asked for a better one...I've been celebrating since Sunday. I have 3 more days of celebrating to do then I will have to relax and mentally prepare myself for work. I don't go back until Aug 4th but I am truly gonna need those 4 days to prepare... Anywho that's enough rambling, I have some handmade cards made by my family (at my request) to share with you all. Please keep in mind that none of them are card makers or crafters. So beware...LOL...

This card is from my Baby (Significant other) isn't it just too cute

This one is from my son; adorable right....

... And this last one is fron my stepdaughter.. (that is me!) LOL

Okay, Hope you enjoyed seeing my cards as much as I did... They were so hard at work, I should have recorded them creating, it was toooooooo funny watching them put these BEAUTIFUL masterpieces together.

Well, that is my post for today, I am gonna finish up my night with the Family, I will post again tomorrow.

Goodnight All,

Stay Inspired

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