Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Something toShare

Hello All,

I have been gone for quite sometime now. I won't get into why I've been gone for so long because it doesn't matter ( don't need to bore you). What matters is I'm back, for how long I could not tell you. Could be just for today,   for a week, a month I don't know. While I am here I hope you enjoy my card that I want to share. I made this card because I found this blog called Pretty Pink Posh . It's a challenge blog where you have to create a card in 10 minutes, post it subscribe to their email (simple enough right). That part of it yes, but creating the card in 10 minutes was really a challenge but I did it and enjoyed it, I can't wait for the next one.
So it took me 8 mins and 52 secs to complete the card. (next time I will record me doing it) You are allowed to gather your supplies before you start the challenge. You can when prizes from different sponsors (this week its Lawn Fawn) if you use the colors in the palette.

 Okay,  so here is my card

Well, that is my card, I had fun making it and until next.

Stay Inspired