Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't Craft

Hello everyone, I just needed a space to vent a little. I am a little sad because I can not craft while I am off of work for two days. My craft room is being remodeled and all my things are everywhere and every time I wanna work on a project I get my supplies and materials then I realize that I'm missing something. Then I have to stop and get what I was missing and that's beginning to be really frustrating. I'm trying to work out of my dining room and its just not working for me. I can not clear my head, it seems to be cluttered just like my scrap room, causing me not to be able to focus on my projects. I only have two days off and the room will not be ready until Friday thats my last day off and I will have to spend that day cleaning up and putting everything back into place. I work 3-11 so when I get off I'm kind of tired and then I don't want to be up all not crafting. We all know how time consuming crafting can be.. I have to figure something out... I don't want to drive myself crazy by not crafting. Then I was out last week and brought me some new materials and supplies that I want to play around with and I can't. That too is REALLY frustrating. Well enough of that. I will find an effective way to work around this CHAOS... I am also open for suggestions.

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